That feeling that just won’t go away

If you’ve ever done something wrong or let someone down, you know the feeling. It tugs at your gut, gives you worry wrinkles, and it never leaves the back of your mind. Well, I’m experiencing that feeling right now, and to be honest it seems like I’m always experiencing that feeling for one reason or another. Today, I finally realized one of the most important things I’ve needed to tell myself for awhile.

Let it go.

It may not be as easy or as simple as we’d like it to be, but I can be the first to tell you that letting it go is possible. That one test you got a D on? Your future boss doesn’t have to know about the grade. Maybe you went a little too hard one night. Your adult self will look back and laugh. Your parents got mad because you stayed out too late one night. Guess what, it won’t matter to your future spouse. We feel these feelings because it affects us. We think that people will see us differently because of it, and because we are all human, we need approval from others. So, really, we are only feeling this way because of others.

Stop doing things for other people’s approval.

Why do I feel the need to dress a certain way? Wear clothes that are “in style” or maintain a certain weight? It’s because everyone else is doing it. That’s a horrible way to live life. Live your life the way you want to. Find something your good at and go for it. Maybe it’s quilting. There is absolutely no shame in that. It will come in handy and your friends will come running to you offering money for a finished product. Maybe it’s an unconventional sport. Wanna try hockey? I say, you go girl. Be the badass you’ve always wanted to be, but don’t forget to always be yourself. You’ll stand out for it, and no one can take away your personality or qualities from you. Once you stop doing things for other people, you will find yourself so much happier. And that feeling will go away. Just give it a little bit of time and elbow grease.


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