The struggle is real

Something I’ve always struggled with is comparing myself to others. I contribute that just to my own feeling of insecurities, but even when I’m confident in myself and feeling good about myself, I always look at other people and envy their lives. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who does this or feels like this. Someone else will always have it better than you. On the flip side, which it seems like no one acknowledges, there is always someone who is much worse off than you are right now. When we compare ourselves to others, we always compare up. We never compare down, because when we see people who are doing much worse than us, we don’t brag. We don’t say, “I make so much more money than that person” or “I nailed that test and you failed it”. If we say those things, we are seen as rude. Narcissistic. Obnoxious. Simply put, not nice.

I’m trying to work on myself as a whole person, instead of pinpointing what I want to fix. It’s gotten to the point where I realized I can fix something about my entire self. These are things that I have noticed, so I want to change them. I’m not trying to change my entire self, I just want to better myself and the kind of person that I am.

It’s pretty silly, if you think about it. I’m sitting on my porch, my dog laying next to me, and honestly I don’t have a care in the world. I’m done with the school year and it’s now my summer break. I’m leaving for Rome in 4 days. I’ll be gone for a little over 2 weeks, then I’m off to my lake house for the summer to work. I in no way live a horrible life. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had. So why do I still compare myself to others? Why can’t I just be happy with right here, right now? It’s because society tells us that we’re not good enough, and we can’t be happy because we don’t have everything, which to tell you the truth, is total BS. The happiest people are the ones who have hardly anything at all. They don’t rely on material possessions to give them happiness. That’s a lesson we all need to learn.



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